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Custom Guidebooks for Discerning Travelers

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Imagine embarking on a trip, bag packed, traveling boots on, guidebook in hand. Except, this guidebook is not a boring, old store-bought one. This guidebook been crafted especially for you. As to its contents—you have been the decider. You have chosen what exists on its pages, what matters. What information serves you best. With this guidebook, you will not lug hundreds of extra, unread pages with you on your journey. No, you most certainly will not.

Your magical guidebook contains a streamlined vault of information to your travels—confirmations, itineraries, directions to that modernist house you rented or dolphin-themed hotel room you booked. Better still—are the intriguing facts and findings your guidebook holds, all of them specific to your destination. Places to eat, drink and shop. Things to do. People to see. It is literally like having a personal assistant and a concierge in your pocket.

While your guidebook exists in a digital format, designed for seamless scrolling on your phone or tablet, it is also available as a soft-bound, actual book. Why would you want that, you ask? If you have to ask, perhaps such a very real, very beautiful book is not for you.

But if you do find yourself holding an exquisite, custom-crafted guidebook on your flight home, you can have a nice browse through it and reminisce on all the lovely places you’ve been, the thrilling things you’ve seen, the tasty things that have passed your lips. If you’re lucky—you will chuckle softly at the strange and interesting fellow travelers who may or may not have scrawled their names and emails in your guidebook’s back pages …

If that’s not the sign of a good journey, then we’re not sure what is.