Well, our blogging “hiatus” lasted a little longer than we intended. Since we last posted, much has happened. We’ve moved cross-country (again), set up shop in our favorite West Seattle neighborhood, bought a VW Westfalia camper van and driven said camper (whose name is Dave, by the way), over 7000 miles. Those are the main bullet points. But as we discover daily, like waves washing ashore, the changes keep coming.

Change is a funny thing. It has no shape, gives no notice. We’ve found that we have become adjusted to constant adjustment. For some, this may not be ideal. But we find peace in our “loose saddle” life. As brief and fragile as our time on earth is, living well requires a certain agility in all senses. The flexibility to act when the time is right, to push ourselves when we have the energy, to let go when necessary.

While on the topic of life’s fragility and preciousness, we’d like to share this video (above) of a marine rescue operation that occurred yesterday on Alki Point. From our patio, Richele filmed the efforts of the Seattle Coast Guard and Fire and Rescue teams as they worked together to recover four men from a capsized vessel. One man, whom the rescue divers freed from being trapped underwater in the wheelhouse of the overturned boat, made it to the hospital but did not survive. However, the other three did. And while we feel sadness at the loss of life, we are also filled with a  certain sense of wonder. At the miracle of selfless acts, unparalleled bravery, compassion. These are the virtues that remind us that no matter where we are in the world, we can create a home in the moment–in right thinking, right doing. At every turn, we have the opportunity to feel gratitude, embrace joy, act compassionately, or listen with empathy. With gifts like these, we need little else.

New adventures await for us, good times are ahead. In November, we welcome Tor’s brother Jon and wife, Katherine to the Pacific Northwest for an anticipated visit. In December, we look forward to traveling to Colorado to be with much-missed Imsland and Visintainer families. In January, we head to La Paz, Mexico to explore the wonders of the Sea of Cortez and Baja California Sur.

If ever curious about our latest exploits, don’t hesitate to write. Long or short, we love receiving news, comments, thoughts. Also, feel free to visit newly-revamped, where all of our current websites, photos and videos now live in one place through the magic of the internets.

We hope you are all well, healthy and happy!