Welcome to our Mexican Asian Kitchen.  Spicy, colorful, zen (for the most part).  We haven’t grown tired per say, of Mexican food. We simply find ourselves a little (okay, a lot) homesick for the Asian dishes that we enjoyed regularly in Seattle. While there are very few Asian restaurants on the island (two, maybe three?) there are plenty of grocery stores.  I had heard tell that Superama in Cancun had an “Asian” aisle, and so last Saturday, clutching my trusty “purse” (ziplock bag full of coins and 20 peso notes) I set out on the ferry to find out if it was true.

Sure enough, the Superama on Avenue Bonampak was indeed my fabled mecca. After I bent to kiss the pristine tile floor, I took in the sight of glorious rows of Sriracha sauce, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, anise, fresh mint, basmati rice, lemon grass, even an anemic stalk of bok choy.  We loaded up several Envirosax full of treasures and headed back to the island.

Back in our kitchen, I unpacked the groceries in dappled sunlight as a breeze filtered through the screen door. And with a techno remix of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” blaring prodigiously from Wilbur’s car stereo outside, I set to work making a long-yearned-for feast.

Our table that night was rounded out with neighbor, Steve and friend, Carlos, who was visiting from Seattle. We ate well and without pause–lumpia with misshapen yet tasty hand-made wrappers, chicken adobo sa gata over lime rice, a large cauldron-sized bowl of chilled thai peanut noodle salad with fresh, crisp vegetables. 

One thing Mexican and Asian food have in common? Due to their spicy natures, both cuisines go well with a cold, lime-decorated beer.  Or three.

Muy rico y magsarap ang sarap!