One thing we have learned since moving to Mexico?  No matter what happens, life goes on and it does so with fervor. Economies crash. Death carries loved ones away. Hurricanes bear down. And yet, here in our little neighborhood, Carlos continues to play his 80’s rock at top volume with singular devotion.  The neighborhood dogs play out their impassioned daily version of West Side Story.  The Mardi Gras dancers never miss a rehearsal in the evenings at the Taxista, their steps vigilantly counted out as they gyrate to Cher and Beyonce, “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro!“

And we found more life going strong in Merida where we wandered with friends, Steve and Janeen, amongst festivities during Dia del Muertos, the Mexican holiday celebrating the dead.  In the bright and dark of the streets and plazas, we marveled at the loveliness of Merida’s old, sun-worn buildings, steeped in aromas as sharp and sweet as the stories secreted away within their walls.  Viva la vida, they seemed to say. Just live life.