After Scotland it was on to London, where I was happily waylaid at every turn by the city's charm and elegance, the liveliness of its river culture and iconic architecture.  I liked best the mellow things—browsing books beneath Waterloo bridge, pints at Tamesis Dock (a floating pub!), dining with friends at a local Filipino restaurant and the hours of aimless wandering—along the South BankHyde Park, and Kensington Gardens

A highlight of the week was a show at the Village Underground. We saw Liima (formerly known as Efterklang) a Danish band whose incomparable sound is pure, original, joy-filled. Tatu Ronko played drums—or more accurately, things—jars, spoons, wooden implements, metal tools, an iPad. When Caspar sang, his magnificent smile dazzled the room like an exploded sun. The show went by in a blink and from the first note to the last, the packed venue reverberated with a wild, genuine happiness ...


Editor's Note: Much gratitude to Aidan and Co. for the laughs, Liima show, hospitality and first rate tour!