We had a wonderful visit to Jajce (pronounced "YAI-tzeh"), the former capital of the Bosnian kingdom.

Jajce's walled city was built in the 1300's and was home to the last Bosnian King. Jajce did not escape the devastation of the Bosnian war. In the spring of 1992, it was attacked by Serbian forces and fell in October, forcing 40,000 civillian refugees to flee the city in a mass exodus, leaving Jajce with just a few thousand citizens. 

The 60-foot waterfall at the base of the walled city of Jajce enhances the medieval town's beauty even more ...

An abandoned structure adjacent to the falls is the ideal "gallery" for urban artists and was the perfect backdrop for a photographic series entitled "Bosnian Graffiti Runr" or, in laymen's terms—our nephew running in front of a bunch of graffiti.

Photo Jul 09, 4 03 59 PM.jpg

On the way up the stairs to the Jajce fortress, we passed by the St. Mary's church and St. Luke's Bell Tower. Originally built in the 1200's, the church went through several renovations as a Christian church. In 1582, it was converted to a mosque dedicated to Suleman the Magnificent, an Ottoman Sultan. The building burned in 1658 and then again in 1832, leaving the ruins that stand today.

Our visit to Jajce was not complete without introduction to several influential members of the Cute Animals of Jajce Society ...