Beautiful flowers in Marburg's Schloßpark

Paddleboaters on the Lahn River

A medieval house in Marburg's center

Flower market in the Marktplatz, the heart of Marburg's old town

Elisabethkirche—St. Elisabeth's Church. A Gothic church built in the 1200's by the Knights of the Teutonic Order in honor of Princess Elisabeth of Hungary.

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Lunch in the Marktplatz: Spaghetti Bolognese, summer salad with focaccia

From top left: Emily and a wall of ivy on the lane below Marburger Schloss; charming, half-timbered houses; Em seeking her reflection in a Grimm's "Looking Glass"; plucky bunch of roses above a letterbox; poster for a local film festival; whimsical figurines in a shop window on Untergasse street

Emily posing for a "German-y" photo with a local bike. Not in the frame to her left (whoops!): the exposed ruins of a 13-century Jewish Synagogue, excavated in 1997 and now viewable through a glass ceiling in a square north of the Marketplatz. The ruins were discovered when the city was digging underground to bury a transformer beneath a parking lot.

Exploring Marburg Schloss (also known as the Landgrafenschloss), a medieval castle built on a hill high above Marburg. Originally built as a fort in the 1100's, the castle was home to the region's royalty for centuries. It also contains a chapel erected in the late 1200's.