Slow and steady progress on the road to having less ...

We recently moved to a smaller apartment—700 square feet of functional comfort outfitted with mostly modular furniture: storage cubes, rolling carts, room dividers, things that stack, expand, collapse and fold into themselves. 

We purged quite a bit before this move and now own about 1/3 of what we did two years ago (which was half of what we owned three years before that). To us, this is major progress on our quest to own less. Little by little, we're making headway ...


One of the things we love best about new, little abode? We can thoroughly clean it in 30 minutes. With housework reduced, it's like getting hours per week back in our "time bank". This translates to more freedom to camp, travel and explore and on a daily basis—work and create in a clutter-free environment. 

Here's to a healthy, happy future chock full of even less ...



  • Are you currently living a minimal lifestyle at home or on the road? We'd love to hear your tips / hints / ideas.

  • If not, does living with less appeal to you? Tell us why. Feel free to share some of your goals.

  • What sort of methods do you use to downsize?

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