Formula for a top notch adventure: spontaneity + mishaps + awesome people.

Last Saturday, we packed up for an impromptu off-grid weekend with Cincinnati friend, Jill in tow.

Our favorite boon-dock spot was taken but pushing on, we found an enchanted valley where we hung our hammocks at the edge of Tucquala Lake and watched the sun roll across the mountains. Absolute silence, just butterflies and a curious grouse rooting in the brush ...

Sure, we lost our clutch coming back down the mountain (#kindaterrifying). But a merry band of strangers pushed us to safety, and we hitched a ride into Roslyn with new friends, Korey, Kristin and their pup, Kenai. Small world! We discovered that we had all lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a time.

After a scrumptuous breakfast at the Roslyn Cafe, our good friend, Ed (total hero) drove us home while an 85-year-old tow-truck driver masterfully pulled Dave off the mountain like it was no big deal. The clutch fix was minor and he was back in fighting shape the next day.