River rafting! A highlight of our travels in Bosnia was a rafting expedition down the Neretva River. Tor and I, in one boat with our niece and nephew (and four random Dutch guys) and my brother and his wife in a second boat with rafters from Poland, Czech Republic and the USA. For €35 each, our trip included transport, gear, breakfast, grilled lunch on a beach and professional guides for each boat. The water was sparkling clean and clear and after repeated urging from our guides, we filled our bottles directly from the river and drank all day, worry-free. In total, we paddled 25 kilometers over six hours with several stops for wading, swimming and boulder jumps in the brisk, refreshing rapids. A peak experience was drfiting through the Rakytnica Canyon, a truly awe-inspiring place—blissfully cool and quiet with towering rock walls and sparkling clear depths up to 90 feet.

More info: neretvarafting.com