A glorious day at Travnik, a 14th-century mountain town and once the seat of Ottoman power in Bosnia ...

One of the traditional weavers at the Travnik fort's cultural museum showed us her handicrafts before sending us off with hugs.

It was great fun exploring the Travnik Fort ...


Middle photo: Ustipci!  Traditional fried bread eaten sweet or savory. In this case, it was served with tomatoes, cured meat and kajmak, a fresh unpasteurized cheese spread. On the plate to the left—krumpir, Bosnian mashed potatoes.

Beneath the Stari Grad in Travik there are three large words painted in blue on a wall: "Never Forget Srebrenica".

On July 22, 1995, the Serb army led by General Ratko Mladić stormed the UN Safe zone around the town of Srebenica in Eastern Bosnia and killed 8000 Bosniak men and boys in a mass execution. Their aim was to rid the area of Muslims. The killings took place in abandoned factories and forests; some of the victims' mass graves are still undisovered. It was Europe's worst atrocity since WWII.