Coming soon—our original series of pocket travel guides!

Packstar Cover v1.png


A Guide to Rocking Agile Adventures

Packstar is a traveler's guide to minimal packing. It offers advice on strategy and method, customizable pack lists and visual inspiration for streamlining gear. We also wax philosophical on living with less, and provide a tidy bundle of lightweight travel advice that will help you prepare for just about anything.

Vagabond Picnic Cover v1.png


50 DIY Recipes For Travelers

Who doesn't like looking at photos of mouth-watering picnic foods from around the world? Better yet—we'll include detailed recipes, ingredient lists and packable utensil ideas so that your next trip will be chock full of savory, simple, inexpensive noshing.  All that will be left for you to do is stroll the markets and pick the wine.

Road Alchemy Cover v1.png


Staying Well While Seeing the World

Sick travel sucks. And sometimes traditional medicine leaves us wanting. That's why we're researching the heck out of integrative health solutions—naturopathy, nutrition, cognitive therapy, energy work and fitness—to put together a manual of natural remedies for the road.