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For the past several weeks we’ve been on the road.  Doing a sweep of some of our favorite spots in the Mexican states of Chiapas, Campeche and Quintana Roo and seeing some wonderful new things along the way.  A recent second visit to Campeche reconfirmed our love for this Spanish-Colonial, seaside town. Here is a recap of a why it continues to rank high on our list of favorites …

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On Thursday, it became apparent that it was time to do laundry. Our hotel gave us the name of a lavanderia a few blocks over, so we gathered up our dirties and took a stroll down 59, turning south on Calle 12. At the corner, we stopped to gape at the former Templo de San Jose, the former Church of San Jose. It was built in the late 1600’s at the request of a brotherhood of carpenters and shipwrights from San Román in honor of their patron saint, San Jose. It’s known today as one of the most beautiful buildings in Campeche and even centuries later, its weathered glory is breathtaking ...

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We spent a leisurely last morning in Merida down at the Café Club, chatting again with Bob, the Canadian. When we told him we were off to Campeche, he couldn’t say enough good things about the city, which made us all the more intrigued about going there. After checking out of the Hotel Maison Lafitte, we took a cab to the ADO CAME bus station. The tickets from Merida to Campeche were extremely reasonable – 162 pesos each (about $12 US) ...

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