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Here's a question: if one lives on a tropical island, where do they go to "get away from it all”? Yes, it seems like an unforgivably rhetorical question. Nonetheless, this past November, we were curious to find out where other islanders like to go for a quick change of scenery, so we asked some friends on Isla Mujeres for their input. At the top of the list? Tulum. Ah, yes. A name we had heard uttered many times before by urban-dwelling and bohemian friends, alike. The beloved mecca of the eco-friendly faithful ...

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Some places in the world offer a little more magic than others.  And while we didn’t machete our way in to the ruins of a mythical lost city, our stay at La Selva Mariposa did leave us feeling as if we were let in on a really great secret. Set in the lush jungle just outside of trendier Tulum, La Selva Mariposa (translated: "The Jungle Butterfly") is a handcrafted, jungle oasis designed built and run by owners, Lou and Moe in Pueblo Macario Gomez. It definitely gives the “cinco estrellas”, or 5-star hotels, a major run for their money ...

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