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Have you ever had your mind blown in an afternoon?  We did.  And several times consecutively, at that.  It was another blustery day with more sideways rain, but because we had already survived the “worst case scenario” (being cast out into a downpour by Smithsonian Air & Space Museum staff), we felt well-equipped to handle another expedition to the Washington Mall.  So, armed with umbrellas and rain jackets, we hopped on the Metro ...

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DC is cool. With my brother, his wife and our three nieces in tow, we took the Metro from Bethesda into the city, switched trains only once and emerged just a few blocks from the Smithsonian. While visiting The Air & Space Museum (see video) we saw an impressive collection of drones, an aircraft carrier exhibit, a recreation of the Apollo-Soyuz test project and even went on a flight simulator ride ("Cosmic Coaster"! Yeah!)  We were in awe of the sheer magnitude of the museum. With two massive floors of exhibits, it’s likely to warrant another trip ...

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